The White Tiger

The White Tiger film poster.jpg

The White Tiger, despite the slow points, is an interesting rag to riches story that really shows the cultural divide in India!!!

Real Rating: 4 Drivers

What I Like:

-I really enjoyed the story by showing how the cultural divide between the rich and the poor is in the country of India, it is so drastic, and the treatment the rich give to the poor can be infuriating to watch
-I also enjoyed the development of the character of Balram, played by Adarsh Gourav, I liked seeing his determination in being somebody, and everything he has to go through in being a servant to a wealthy family, Gourav’s acting was very superb in bringing that character to life
-I also enjoyed the soundtrack, very (can’t believe I’m saying this) retro 2000’s music which really added a nice touch
-The cinematography, especially when showing the city of Delhi, was really fun to watch as well

The So So:

-Even though there were some powerful moments working as a servant for the wealthy family, but felt that moment in his life really dragged out too long, I was already saying to move on from that part and get to the good part where he becomes successful

What I Didn’t Like:

-While watching this, I really wanted to see how he becomes a successful business owner, and bring it home on what makes this story inspiring, however, that part was all rushed and kind of unsatisfying, I wanted to see more of that part of the story, instead of dragging along his time as a servant


I really did enjoy the film. Best movie out of India since Slumdog Millionaire. It can be inspiring with the rags to riches story, and seeing the character of Balram going through his trials and tribulations in getting there from living in the slums with a traditional family, to being a servant for the wealthy, to finally achieving success in the end. Yes I felt some parts dragged and some parts they should’ve added more focus, but overall it was a pretty entertaining film that can infuriate you, and maybe inspire you!!!

Real Rating: 4 Drivers