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Music can be seen as a work of art, but as a film, the story is very thin, and that is with the controversy aside!!!

Real Rating: 3 Musical Dreams

What I Like:

-I can see the intention of director Sia in making this, her thoughts as a musical artist really flourishes in this with every musical performances, I liked it how she portrays the thoughts of the character Music into those musical performances was a nice artful touch, and some of the songs I actually enjoyed as well
-The acting was good for what it is, mainly with Kate Hudson as Zu, showing her true emotions as a struggling character who is dealing with many problems, and Leslie Odom Jr., as Ebo, being the help and voice of reason to Zu, their performances made this film genuine enough for us to care

The So So:

-The controversy with Maddie Ziegler performance as Music, a teenager with autism, to me was a little overblown, I worked with children with autism, and for the most part, it did bring out a strong look on how people with strong autism can be, and how you can help them enjoy life, I don’t believe Ziegler’s performance was out of line, maybe some of the ways of handling her can raise an eyebrow, but it is all about learning and dealing, and for that I can see it as a positive outlook, so I would suggest before you all judge is to do your research on this disability before you all “cancel” this film, and I also ask what is the difference between this portrayal, and Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal in Rain Man?

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story is very thin, there were a lot of subplots that I didn’t quite understand, let alone resolved, it did remind me of the film Rain Man with musical performances, but with less of a story, if it wasn’t for the cool musical performances, this would’ve been an underwhelming film


Controversy aside, I do appreciate the artwork and the musical performances in this. Sia as a director really brought out the art in music, and portrayed something we can all like and possibly relate. The acting does keep the very thin story together enough for us to care about these characters. I do give it credit for what it is, and if you go in with an open mind, it can be entertaining!!!

Real Rating: 3 Musical Dreams

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