Nomadland poster.jpeg

Nomadland is an interesting story, if only it captivates for most of the film, not some of it!!!

Real Rating: 3 Road Trips

What I Like:

-The style and tone by director Chloe Zhao is very unique, it does bring some strong cinematography, especially when showing the landscapes of the Midwest and Western part of the country, I definitely give credit for showing a good story which is not easy to do
-Frances McDormand playing Fern, a woman who decided to adopt a Nomad lifestyle after losing everything, is interesting to watch, seeing her gravitate more to the culture and lifestyle is pretty engaging to learn what the nomad life is all about

The So So:

-There are a lot of decent moments in this film seeing what Fern goes through as she gets used to her new lifestyle, I just wish the character development was less showy and more substance for me to get a full understanding of what she is going through, with that said, some of the showy parts can be very powerful, especially in the second half of the film

What I Didn’t Like:

-This film was way to slow for my liking, I get the points and reasons for it, but even though it had some great scenes, it takes a while for me to get into it with its slow pacing, maybe some people like that style, but it wasn’t for me, it can have me lose my attention at times, especially watching it on Hulu


This is a slow burn story of a character going into a lifestyle and slowly getting use to it, and actually really liking it. Frances McDormand does her best with her emotions and brief dialogue she has. As for director Chloe Zhao, this is her style of filming of more showing, and less dialogue. At least with the showing parts, you get some nice cool cinematography. With all that said, the whole slow burn and showiness really doesn’t captivate me as it should. It is not my style of movie watching. Especially watching it at home where my attention span is more fragile. Regardless, it is an interesting watch with a decent story about a lifestyle that people actually do. Makes you think if you want to dip your toes in it as well!!!

Real Rating: 3 Road Trips

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