Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry (Official 2021 Film Poster).png

Tom & Jerry mau have all the typical kids movie cliches, but have you considered that they may have invented some of these typical cliches?

Real Rating: 3 Musical Pidgeons

What I Like:

-Everything involving the animated characters of Tom and Jerry, I loved the slapstick action, and the charmness that each character brings especially interacting with the humans, it does bring me back as a kid with some fond memories, and just for that I do give it credit
-I did enjoy the animated style they chose, it was a breath of fresh air over CGI with live humans
-I did enjoy the soundtrack, especially with the old school hip-hop songs

The So So:

-Yes for a kids movie it has all the typical cliches, especially with the slapstick, but you have to relax and think that Tom & Jerry were the pioneers of this type of animated genre, because of that, that didn’t bother me, it actually made me chuckle, and I do give it credit for not bringing out weapons like they did back then as well, make this more kids friendly, of course, they mix in with some cliches of today, and for that I’m less forgiving
-The acting by the live humans, and some of the voice acting is perfect for what the movie is, some are stereotypical or even dumb, but it fit well with the tone of the movie

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story for the live humans is paper thin like the animation, it is by the numbers and predictable, I sort of wish the focus was more on Tom and Jerry instead of the humans, it could’ve worked a lot better


I liked the Roger Rabbit style they chose for animating all the animals in this film. It did give it a unique tone and style. Everything involving Tom and Jerry were fun, and brings me back to my childhood memories. Yes, it can be a cliched animated movie, but it is Tom and Jerry for goodness sakes. I criticise more of the thin and predictable plot for the humans in this more. If only it concentrated more on Tom and Jerry action, and less with the humans, it would’ve been a much better movie for sure!!!

Real Rating: 3 Musical Pigeons