Coming 2 America (Sidenote: I Care a Lot)

Coming 2 America release poster.jpg

Coming 2 America is not like its predecessor, but the laughs and charm are still there, and it is still a good time watching it!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 McDowells

What I Like:

-It was a treat to see Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall back together in the country of Zamunda to make another comedy, it does seem like they were never apart with their comedic chemistry, and they also brought back some of their counterparts like the barbershop guys which made me laugh
-As for the new people, I thought the casting was great, they seem to blend in well and add their comedic touch, especially Jermaine Fowler as Prince Akeem’s son, his comedy brings in the today comedy which brought in some new laughs, and Wesley Snipes as General Izzi was Snipes at his finest
-It was beautifully directed by Craig Brewer capturing the essence of Zamunda very well

The So So:

-The story is a pretty predictable, and they did repeat some of the jokes from the original film, but the charm of the film is what makes fun to watch, and with a PG-13 rating, you can have some members in your family come and watch as well, it can be a blast from the past for the adults and fans of the original, and something new for the young teenage ones

What I Didn’t Like:

-You can perceive it as a rehash, and a unnecessary sequel, I can see why people will say that
-(A very minor SPOILER) I was disappointed that Samuel L. Jackson didn’t have a cameo, but Louis Anderson did


Hardcore fans may hate it, and I can see why. However, if you approach this with an open mind, you will enjoy what this film brings. It is a blast from the past, with their jokes and gags mixed in with the comedy of today. You still get great performances with the old and new cast. Lastly, the charm that made the original movie great is still there that makes watching it worthwhile. It is not as good as the original by any means, but it is still fun and enjoyable. The only thing is, I would change the title to, Coming to Zamunda, it just makes more sense!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 McDowells

I Care A Lot poster.jpg

(Sidenote: I Care a Lot – Rosamund Pike once again plays an unlikable character very well. With this one, she plays a role of a con artist affecting the elderly so well, you want to hate her. Then when she goes against a mobster, played very well by Peter Dinklage, I was actually going for the mobster. This is a very interesting film that will tug on your emotions, and just shows that Pike playing evil is some of her best work for sure!!!
Real Rating: 4 Nursing Homes)