Minari (film).png

Minari is a fascinating tale that dives into different themes of an immigrant Korean family trying to make it in rural America!!!

Real Rating: 4 Farms

What I Like:

-I thought the story was fascinating seeing an immigrant Korean family trying to make it as a farmer in rural area of Arkansas, the pacing of the story was great, the character development was good, and seeing the different relationships it brings with this family taking a leap of faith, the acting was strong which makes the story effective
-It does dive into different themes about preserving culture, learning to adapt to a completely different setting, sacrificing for family, and that fine line between pride and doing what is right, it brings some great talking points that can nourish great discussion

The So So:

-Out of all the family members, I thought the daughter, Anne, got the least amount of development and time and you barely get her thoughts and feelings on everything that goes on, you do see some great chemistry between her and her brother, David, and how she takes care of him, but other than that, not much is developed about her
-Going into this film, I was expecting to see more of an immigrant family living in rural America facing ignorance and discrimination which it touches on very very briefly, but instead it was all about the relationships in the family which is still good, not what I expected, on the contrary, they actually showed how helpful the people are when they moved in which added a fine touch

What I Didn’t Like:

-There were parts where it lagged a little bit, but it was very rare


This is a fascinating story about family and really about perseverance. The strong acting really made the story effective and very authentic in the culture it brings. I enjoyed seeing the different relationships, and seeing this family trying to adapt to a very different lifestyle. It can be a film we can relate to in one way or another, and that is what makes this film personal and even powerful!!!

Real Rating: 4 Farms

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