Zack Snyder’s Justice League (Sidenote: The Personal History of David Copperfield and Fatale)

Grayscale poster with the ensemble characters.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is what I expected, better, but it didn’t add nothing really new to the table other than another two hours!!!

Real Rating: 4 Cuts

What I Like:

-The biggest thing I liked about the Snyder Cut is that is added more depth to the story which made a lot more sense, and it especially added more depth to the character of Cyborg and his backstory, and Steppenwolf and his true purpose which made a lot more sense, it is a clearer picture which I can appreciate

The So So:

-Did it have to be four hours, the simple answer is no, but it was necessary to make it more clear to the story and character development, but since a lot of the scenes were the same thing only with new and improved action of today’s standards, it really didn’t bring nothing new to the table in regards to the Justice League, it would’ve benefited if they had more individual movies of each character before this team up, but more on this later

What I Didn’t Like:

-In the action scenes, it definitely had Snyder’s hands all over it, especially with all the slow motion parts which is always unnecessary
-With the theatrical run, there parts I like that weren’t there in the Snyder Cut, like more funnier lines for Aquaman instead he was more of a stubborn jerk, and also making Superman’s suit black instead of the traditional colors was a head scratcher for me as well
-The last scenes may seem cool for some people but for me it was deemed very unnecessary, mainly because there is no sequel for this, so why get fans excited for future movies that will never happen


As I predicted, I knew this will be better. It added more depth to the story and character development which made it flow better and made more sense. Did it bring anything new to the table? Definitely not. It is practically the same old story only you actually get to see Darkseid this time around. I didn’t hate the so called “Josstice League” either, but it definitely had its flaws. The true villain in this calamity is Warner Brothers in meddling into this instead of letting the directors do their thing. They force the changes that prolonged the movie, and really made it more of a mess than it should of been. These people care more about the money than the characters the fans love and adore, and they need to back off, and just let directors who love these characters and bring them to life. Just like, dare I say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!!

Real Rating: 4 Cuts

(Sidenote: The Personal History of David Copperfield – To put it briefly, the story was all over the place which made it confusing. The main character was too boring for me to care. I didn’t read the books, and honestly why should I? At least it has diversity in their cast. Needless to say, I’m not a fan!!!
Real Rating: 2.5 Dinner Tables)

(Sidenote: Fatale – For a film that features Hilary Swank as a desperate psycho, which can intrigue a lot of you all, this is pretty much a cliched film. It is well acted, but this whole infidelity leading to big trouble is something we have already seen before. Heck, even the title makes it sound cliched!!!
Real Rating: 3 Infidelities)

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