Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal poster.jpeg

Sound of Metal wasn’t what I thought it would be, and I mean that in a pleasant way!!!

Real Rating: 4 Moments of Silence

What I Like:

-I thought this was going to be some kind of against all odds type of story, and continuing to be who you can despite the major speed bumps, cliched, yes, but it didn’t go down that route whatsoever, instead it is more of a story of adapting and accepting what has happened to you, in this case, a heavy metal drummer going deaf and not getting everything he needs at once which made it unique in its own way

-Riz Ahmed really acted tremoundesly of a person suffering with what has happened to him, and how he endured with his disability, it was interesting to watch, especially during his time in the rehab clinic where he is working for the community and really excelling in it

-The biggest thing that made this film fun to watch was the sound editing and mixing, hearing the character going deaf, and hearing the mixture of noise and silence made it a viewing and hearing pleasure, and also added an authentic touch

The So So:

-Without spoiling it, the way it ended was not what I was expecting, and though I get and understand why it went down that certain route which once again makes it unique, I wanted something more uplifting in the end

What I Didn’t Like:

-With the title and the premise of this movie, I expected to hear more heavy metal music, mainly drumming music like what I saw in the film Whiplash, but no, didn’t really get that, and I was slightly disappointed


Going in, I expected something, going out, it was something different. With that said, it was still a pleasant surprise with a unique story. A story with a strong lead acting in Riz Ahmed, and some of the best sound editing that will make you say, Oscar worthy. Not the ending I hoped for, but an ending that does make you think, and give you a unique spin in accepting a personal tragedy. In that regard, it is worth the watch!!!

Real Rating: 4 Moments of Silence

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