Nobody 2021 Film Poster.jpeg

Nobody is the type of action movie I love, fun, gritty, and a touch of comedy which really broadens the horizons for Bob Odenkirk!!!

Real Rating: 4 Kitty Cat Bracelets

What I Like:

-It has been a while since I seen a pure good action comedy, it reminded me of the good old times of 90’s action movies with pure good practical actions scenes, not CGI made action scenes, the fighting was great, very gritty and very bloody that actually makes sense for this film, and the comedy was funny and on point, not corny like a 90’s action movie, it is the action movie I actually love to watch

-I never thought I would see Bob Odenkirk as an action film star, I always seen him as a comedic actor with a way of words to get him out of a situation, for one great example, Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, here he proves himself that he does have what it takes to be an action star, and i was pretty impressed in seeing him go at it in these action scenes, and being very BA, this may open up doors for Odenkirk, and I’m all for it

-The villain is also a typical 90’s action villain, an eccentric Russian, played by Aleksei Serebryakov, a guy who seems like a fun guy to be with, but can get crazy in a split second, I sort of miss those kind of villains that are weird, but scary at the same time

-Without spoiling it, there are a couple actors that you would not expect to be in an action movie, and it was a pleasant surprise, and really fun to watch them in action, and I will leave it at that

The So So:

-For this type of action film it is a little bit of the guy going back to his past and revenge type of ordeal, but I like how the story kind of twists it to something sort of unique to make this a fun action film

What I Didn’t Like:

-Especially in the final action scene, there were some moments that were way too outrageous that had me say, “Really now?” it can be minor, but it did leave me with some questions about physics


I really enjoyed this movie. It was an action movie that not only I love but I missed, cuz I haven’t seen something like this for a long time. It reminded me of the 90’s action film with the practical effects and gritty fight scenes, and less corny jokes and one liners. The most surprising thing about this film is that it showed that Bob Odenkirk has what it takes to be a good action star, and I believe this expands his horizons to more movies he can do. I’m excited for him. After all that said, maybe it may not do well in the box office (who knows with Corona), but I definitely believe this will be a cult classic for sure!!!

Real Rating: 4 Kitty Cat Bracelets

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