Bad Trip

Bad Trip poster.jpg

Bad Trip is the type of movie you want to sit back and laugh at the crazy stunts they do to real people!!!

Real Rating: 4 White Chicks

What I Like:

-It was funny, the stunts they pulled off were hilarious, seeing the real people’s reactions were priceless, and the banter between Eric Andre and Lil Rey Howery is pretty funny, for what the film try to do, it did its job fine

The So So:

-With all the stunts it pulled, they really tried to make it into a movie, for the most part, it worked, however, it is the cliched type of film where I knew what will happen, at least it gives some comedic moments for me to not worry about it
-You do get Tiffany Haddish being Tiffany Haddish which can be a good thing and a bad thing, with her she needs to come in a good mix where she doesn’t overdo things, and in this case, there were some scenes that did seem overdone, but there were some that was just right

What I Didn’t Like:

-There were some stunts where I’m like, can’t the people tell that it is fake? Like the gorilla scene for an example. Makes me wonder if people are really that naive
-I don’t need to see Eric Andre naked, he likes to be naked a lot, and I can only do so much


For a Netflix film, it is a film when you have nothing to do and need a laugh, this will do its job. For the same reason people watch Jackass and Impractical Jokers, it is funny and spends the time away. Eric Andre definitely has what it takes to be a comedic stunt performer, and I hope he keeps doing more. Just keep your pants on please!!!

Real Rating: 4 White Chicks

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