Voyagers is that sci-fi cliched mess that will infuriate you more than entertain!!!

Real Rating: 2 Blue Liquids

What I Like:

-The premise was intriguing for about 15 minutes or so, and Colin Farrell was the only bright spot in this movie

The So So:

-The set designs were cool, but typical sci-fi type of ordeal
-For a sci-fi film the story and the scientific theories need to make sense, and not be boring, the science here is very basic and straightforward here, and for the most part, it wasn’t boring either, but it is a cliched type of formula about space that really doesn’t quite bring anything new, instead, it turned to a different kind of film which I will explain in the next part

What I Didn’t Like:

-It turned to be one of those teenish, YA type of stories, only this time inside a spaceship which really started to annoy me once the teens (or young adults, who cares) started to have minds of their own, then it became from annoying to infuriating into the decisions that they make and I started to not care what happens to them, the way things go down really didn’t make any sense, and I was throwing my hands up in disgust once the credits rolled


People will always point the finger at me, and say you don’t get sci-fi movies. I know that is not true in myself, but I really want to hear how people will defend this annoying YA film. It wasn’t really what I was expecting either, and the turns it took was defiintely for the worse. I was getting mad and madder as the film progresses, and shaking my head in a disbelievement of disgust once it was done. Bottomline, I did not like it, and if you did, then come at me. I’m looking for a good laugh anyways!!!

Real Rating: 2 Blue Liquids

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