Concrete Cowboy

Concrete cowboy.jpg

Concrete Cowboy is predictable, but in terms of showing a lifestyle, it is fascinating!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Poop Shoveling

What I Like:

-The unique lifestyle it is trying to show is definitely fascinating, I mean you’re talking about cowboys in the city of Philadelphia, it is actually a true lifestyle that does really happen, the culture it shows is very interesting to see how they live their lives, and actually raise horses in a city, it sounds too crazy to believe, but it is actually true
-The acting was superb as well, most notably Idris Elba playing one of the city cowboys

The So So:

-It was a little uneven with the tone between city cowboy and urban life which can confuse a little bit, but once you realize what is going on, you can put it all together

What I Didn’t Like:

-For a coming of age type of story, it was definitely by the numbers, and I practically predicted on what is going to happen before it all ended, it didn’t bring anything new or groundbreaking storywise


As I said before, it is a fascinating look at a unique culture about actual cowboys in the city of Philadelphia. Makes you think about why they chose that type of lifestyle, even though it will never be easy. The story is way too predictable for my liking, but once you get pass that it is interesting. Especially with the fine acting, most notably Idris Elba as one of this urban cowboys. I can’t help but think, that maybe this would’ve been better as a documentary to really show what this lifestyle is really all about!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Poop Shoveling

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