Without Remorse

Without Remorse poster.jpg

Without Remorse is the same old revenge and political thriller story, only this time with Michael B. Jordan and less exciting action!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Betrayals

What I Like:

-I believe Michael B. Jordan did the best he can with the script he got, I believed his emotions, and he does have what it takes to be an action star, there is not no doubt about that

The So So:

-The action was ok, you have a lot of militaristic type of action, kind of Zero Dark Thirty like type of action, but my issue with it is that many scenes were too dark for my liking, it was hard for me to keep engaged with everything that is going on, it wasn’t boring, but it didn’t blow me away

What I Didn’t Like:

-If you see one film about revenge, you seen them all, if you seen one political thriller, you practically seen them all, this one was no different, and it just made it bland


This is part of Tom Clancy’s famous novels, and a precursor to his most famous stories. It is also the first Jack Ryan story without featuring Jack Ryan. I have a love/hate relationship with the Jack Ryan stories, but this one goes to the hate part. It was a lackluster film that Michael B. Jordan couldn’t save. It did set up for a sequel, but if it does get greenlit, they need a better director to make it mind blowing at the very least. If not, it just falls to less than mediocrity!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Betrayals

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