The Mitchells vs. the Machines


The Mitchells vs. The Machines is that one movie that is funny, greatly animated, a good message, and fun action for the whole family to enjoy!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Evil Appliances

What I Like:

-It is everything you need in a animated film, first off the animation is great with the blend of cartoon and comic booky type with a lot of fun action that keeps you engaged from beginning to end, I mean it is humans vs all kinds of robots, what’s not to like
-The voice acting is great and the reason why the comedy was great, I actually laughed out loud with their jokes and quirkiness, from Danny McBride to Maya Rudolph, to Fred Armisen to Eric Andre, and even to Olivia Coleman to Conan O’Brien was all hilarious, and lets not forget the lead in Abbi Jacobson who lead the charge in this fun film
-The biggest thing that made it great was their message, the big theme is about humans obsession with technology especially with their phones and Internet and how it can consume you, but the touch of family and setting your differences aside to come together to do something great spectacular

The So So:

-Yes, it can get a little over the top in the end, even for this movie, but it is still a lot of fun regardless

What I Didn’t Like:

-Without spoiling it, the ending could’ve been better and meaningful, but it wasn’t terrible


This is a pretty good movie for the whole family to watch, laugh, and enjoy. The message it brings is a good one, and you can have fun in the process for two hours. It is a good surprise in how well made and well written it is, and I guess anything with the name Lord and Miller in it shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise. With all that said, it is on Netflix, so get your family and watch this film. It will not be a waste of time and money for sure!!!

Real Rating: 4.5 Evil Appliances

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