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Monster is a film that can make you think, but it wasn’t effective enough for me to keep my attention!!!

Real Rating: 3 Jury Members

What I Like:

  • The acting was there, Kelvin Harrison Jr. playing the protagonist, Steve, did a good job playing a person being falsely accused of murder, I liked seeing the collaborations with other people, especially the moments with his parents, played by Jennifer Hudson and Jeffrey Wright, I thought those were the best moments to watch that gave the best emotional effect

The So So:

  • I thought this was a movie about moments, and the best moments was about Steve and his life before being arrested and during his time being arrested, just seeing what he is all about and the type of person he is through those flashbacks gave me an ounce of care for this character, but it was so sporadic between the court case and everything in between that it made me lose my focus on what is going on and the development of his character

What I Didn’t Like:

  • This film could’ve been a lot more effective, it did have a good story in there, but the execution just wasn’t right, it felt too sporadic and muddled for me to see what is happening, and there was way too much narration that made it boring, it could’ve been a lot better to add effectiveness to make the people watching it care more and not lose interest


There is a good story in there. Unfortunately, it got lost with bad execution and ineffective storytelling. Especially when it comes to court dramas, you have to make it interesting before people get lost in the lawyer jargon. Unfortunately, it didn’t do that. With that said, there are some good acting moments that can give you an ounce of care for the character Steve, and hope for the best for him. Probably a better structure to the story and making it less boring can bring more emotion than it really did!!!

Real Rating: 3 Jury Members

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