Wrath of Man


Wrath of Man is an entertaining action film with an interesting twist of things, however, it can be hard to follow at times!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Armored Trucks

What I Like:

-Jason Statham fans will not be disappointed with this one, it has everything you want, heist story, gritty action, and Statham being the BA he likes to be
-Without spoiling it, I like the twist the story brings, all I will say is, it is not your typical revenge type of story

The So So:

-Armored truck heist can be one of the same for sure, because there is so much you can do when stealing an armored truck, but the execution of everything was still thrilling and fun, and can keep you guessing in what will happen soon, so I give it credit to Guy Ritchie for that at the very least

What I Didn’t Like:

-They made it out like a book, and divided it into chapters, good transitions, but what it does is that it makes us relearn what is going on, and redevelop new characters which can get frustrating and a bit confusing, it all comes together in the end, but it is almost like rewatching something new every time which I didn’t like


It is a decent movie, it wasn’t boring and I was properly entertained from beginning to end. Yes, the transitions and development were annoying and confusing with the way they did it, but if you came for some pure Jason Statham action, you will not be disappointed. Guy Ritchie does make things entertaining, and bringing his old buddy Statham is probably a match made in heaven. Bottomline, you go in what you’re looking for, but nowhere near the masterpiece some people will want!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Armored Trucks

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