Cruella 2021 film poster.jpg

Cruella is a work of art that is well acted, directed, and built, but not sure if it truly represents the Cruella De Vil we know!!!

Real Rating: 4 Fashion Shows

What I Like:

-The direction and style of everything was truly a piece of art, I mean, a movie about fashion really needs to show the beauty and creativeness, from the dresses, to the makeup, all the way to the production design set in the early 70’s was just an awesome spectacle to see
-The acting is what brought it to life, it truly felt like an authentic film from London, Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil was great and being rivals with another fashion icon in Baroness, played by Emma Thompson, was fun to watch them go at it each other, also, Paul Walter Hauser as Horace really impressed me as well, the British accents were good, and Americans have come a long way since Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins
-The last thing that brought everything together and made it fun was the soundtrack, the oldies music was just great and it blended in wonderfully, it really made the film that much more enjoyable

The So So:

-I guess the biggest debate is how they developed the character of one of Disney’s notorious villains, at first it took a dark beginning which was expected, but then, once things start unraveling, instead of making Cruella maniacally evil, it made her more relatable and had me scratching my head from the canon of 101 Dalmations and it old blends in together, at least we had an enjoyable story for us to enjoy

What I Didn’t Like:

-It was a little predictable, some things that happened I saw from a mile away, and some things did cross my mind, but I didn’t dwell on it, but you do know how things are about to go down


With this, you can’t shake your head that this is truly a work of art. I give credit to director Craig Gillespie for creating something spectacular. The acting all around was great, and Emma Stone brought the classic villain back to life in a fun way for all of us to enjoy. Yes, I do question how the development of the Cruella De Vil ends up, but the ride getting there is good enough. May be dark for kids to watch, but then again Disney movies can be dark so tread carefully parents. With all that said, I personally enjoyed watching this film, and aspiring fashion and costume makers really should watch this movie to be inspired!!!

Real Rating: 4 Fashion Shows

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