Awake (2021 film) Official Poster.jpg

Awake was intriguing, but in the end, it just falls flat and confusing!!!

Real Rating: 3 Old School Cars

What I Like:

-The story is intriguing, a page out of the old sci-fi book about people not being able to go to sleep and start going crazy, it made me care to see how this story will go down
-Gina Rodriguez was everything we can ask for in her role, it is everything we expect and love about her
-The scenes in the car where it seems unedited were great filmed scenes

The So So:

-There were some tense scenes that can be thrilling, but it seems to have a knack of either abruptly ending or underwhelmingly end, it happens a lot, and with something that really starts to get thrilling and just end, it can ruin the effectiveness

What I Didn’t Like:

-There was barely any exposition which is rare for a sci-fi film, and it left me confused in the end to know what is really going on with the world, and never grasped it, so it was all still a mystery
-The way things unfolded, especially at the end, just wasn’t good enough, it should’ve been thrilling, but it all just falls flat for me, and I just lost care for it, it could’ve been a film to make us think, but instead, I was like whatever, just end this


It had the potential to be a really thrilling and maybe even a scary sci-fi movie, with a great lead actress in Gina Rodriguez. However, the execution of everything just left things confusing, and in the end, bland. A lot of wasted potential. Especially in a sci-fi flick with no real exposition, it just made the story worse and worse, and maybe not believe in the future of humanity!!!

Real Rating: 3 Old School Cars

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