Fatherhood poster.jpg

Fatherhood shows great acting chops by Kevin Hart, but in the end, the story just didn’t do it justice!!!

Real Rating: 3 Necklaces

What I Like:

-This was the movie to really see if Kevin Hart has what it takes to become a dramatic actor, and I believe he delivered, I thought it was genuine and heartfelt, and he showed true emotion as a single father, kudos to Hart in expanding his horizons in his acting

The So So:

-There were some moments that was very heartwarming, especially the first half of the movie where he accepted the fact that he will be a single father and defying all doubts happening towards him, that’s why I don’t understand the second half of the movie where his daughter is older, but now all his doubts are happening with drama that I believe was forced and really pointless

What I Didn’t Like:

-Looking at this film as a whole, it has all the makings of a film from Lifetime, it consists of a lot of tropes and cliches, and eye rolling drama that was dumb and unnecessary


Even though the films is a Lifetime movie cliche, it still had some heartwarming moments. It starts with the good dramatic acting by Kevin Hart who sold his scenes as a single father very well. I was impressed with the emotional scenes, and the emotions he portrayed. I liked the fact that a story about a single father brings a unique view than what we are use to. It is something different at the very least. In the end, it can have all the tropes of a subpar drama, but Kevin Hart keeps it afloat!!!

Real Rating: 3 Necklaces

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