Luca (2021 film).png

Luca isn’t the best that Pixar has to offer, but it still brings charm and great animation for everyone to enjoy!!!

Real Rating: 4 Vespas

What I Like:

-The animation is what blows me away, the water and the scenery of the small fictional city of Portorosso, Italy, it is definitely eye candy for sure
-The culture of Italy in the 60’s really brings a sense of authenticity

The So So:

-For a Pixar movie which brings high expectations, this one, doesn’t live up to its past movies, it didn’t bring any tearful emotions or powerful storylines, but it did bring some charm which made it watchable and fun
-The voice cast was great for the most part, they bring the Italian heritage, except for Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan who seem off voicing in this film

What I Didn’t Like:

-For me, it was a formulaic story, a typical coming of age deal, and a cliched sports story at the end of it, it wasn’t impactful as its past films which is disappointing for me


Pixar sets a very high standard for great family movies, but for this one, it was mediocre at best. The animation was great, the voice casting was pretty good, brought some culture and charm, but it wasn’t impactful. Pixar movies always make me tear up or have my mind blown, if not both. However, it really did neither, because the story was just all too familiar for me. So to say I was disappointed is because Pixar movies are put on a high pedestal. With all that said, it is still a good watch for the whole family to watch and enjoy. Just don’t expect anything mind blowing!!!