The Boss Baby: Family Business

The poster for The Boss Baby, Family Business, with new date.jpg

Like its predecessor, it can be eye rollingly cheesy, but this one at least packs an emotional punch!!!

Real Rating: 3 Time Out Rooms with Enya Music

What I Like:

-Animation is good as it gets with Dreamworks
-Voice cast is also pretty good, and unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t have Alec Baldwin dominate too much, which is a good thing in my book

The So So:

-Unlike its predecessor, this film wasn’t dominated by animated action, they actually took some to add some emotional depth to it, and in short spurts, gave some good moments, and even some laughs
-Jeff Goldblum voiced the villain in this, but you either get the Goldblum charm in some scenes, or him phoning it in

What I Didn’t Like:

-Like its predecessor, you get that over the top action that is eye rollingly cheesy, even for a kid’s movie, and it is one of those films where it just doesn’t make sense, because they can’t pick whether to be take itself seriously or not


If you like the first film, which I didn’t, then you will like this one for sure. As for me, it was more of the same, but at least it gave a little more depth to their emotional scenes and not concentrate on over the top animation action. Because of the emotional depth, it did make it that much better. Not greatly better, but just a smidge. It does make a difference for sure!!!

Real Rating: 3 Time Out Rooms with Enya Music

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