The Green Knight

The Green Knight poster.jpeg

The Green Knight is a twisted tale where the acting was good, but the story was head scratching for me!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Axes

What I Like:

-What really made the film watchable for me was the acting, I thought Dev Patel playing Sir Gawain was pretty good, and all the characters he come across with played their roles very well, and I also give a plus to adding a little diversity with the characters from the King Arthur stories

The So So:

-Cinematographywise, there were some great shots that had some good lighting that really brings out the art in the film, but I didn’t like when the scenes in the knight or in the castle were way too dark for me to see and enjoy, and there were a lot of those scenes which is distracting

What I Didn’t Like:

-I didn’t get the story in what it is trying to say, what was Sir Gawain’s journey really about, to be fair, I’m not too familiar with everything when it comes to the story of King Arthur, but director David Lowery really focused too much on artful scenes then telling the story, and in the end, I was confused in what just happened
-The King James language and the medieval writing made it even more confusing with me, and the reading parts go way to fast for me to see and apprehend


I came into this film thinking we will have fantastical action and battles. However, this was more an artful retelling of one of the characters in the old King Arthur stories. It left me confused in what is really going on, and when it ended, I was more confused than ever. Bottomline, I didn’t get what it tries to portray. Instead it was just a weird movie with quirky characters. Maybe for some people they will enjoy it, but for me, it is just not my kind of film!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Axes