Respect 2020 film poster.png

Respect is the typical old biopic formula, but Jennifer Hudson does kill it as The Queen of Soul!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Backup Singers

What I Like:

-What made this fun to watch was seeing Jennifer Hudson immense herself into the role of Aretha Franklin, when she performs, you do sense the spirit of The Queen of Soul, and I really appreciate her acting portraying such an iconic figure

-The other acting was tremendous too, like Forest Whitaker playing her father, and even getting comedic actors playing dramatic roles and excel like Marlon Wayans playing Aretha’s first ex husband and manager, and Marc Maron playing record producer Jerry Wexler

The So So:

-It does follow that typical biopic formula where they try to put everything that happened in her life, but there were some powerful moments that really had some emotional impact

What I Didn’t Like:

-Because of the typical biopic formula, a lot of scenes were rushed, and not really explained at all, one quick example, what happened to her first two children, and many other unanswered questions that kind of affected the impactful flow of showing Aretha Franklin’s life


All the credit I give for this film is Jennifer Hudson’s portrayal of Aretha Franklin. I enjoyed reminiscing some of her music, and learned a little but about her life. I appreciate it for what it is. If only it doesn’t follow the typical biopic formula, maybe this would’ve been something greater. Regardless, fans of The Queen of Soul will enjoy watching it!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Backup Singers