Free Guy

Free Guy 2021 Poster.jpg

Free Guy may have started a little slow, but once it started to unravel, it became very thought provoking!!!

Real Rating:

4 Albuquerque Boiled Turkeys

What I Like:

-The best part was the unraveling of a story that became thought provokingly good, it does deal with many themes, but the best theme is questioning yourself of what is real and what is not, it practically took a book out of a story from Pixar, this time what if Non Player Character (NPC) have feelings

-The acting was spot on, Ryan Reynolds charm takes over big time as an innocent NPC named Guy who goes off his normal loop, I also enjoyed Taika Waititi’s character as Antwan, an eccentric CEO of the gaming company, I also enjoyed Lil’ Rel Howery’s character as Buddy, a naive security guard who does have a big heart

The So So

-The comedy hits sometimes, but I mostly give credit to Guy’s charm in making it work, some of the jokes were misses, especially at the beginning of the film, what really made me laugh was Antwan’s funny lines, and the surprise cameos as well

-Maybe it was suppose to be this way, but the action just looked way too CGI’d, but since it is a video game setting, I gave it a pass

What I Didn’t Like:

-It did started off slow for me, I wasn’t really laughing, and it could be because I saw the trailer so many times that it was expected to happen, it wasn’t until Guy started to put on the glasses that it really got going for me, but it took me a while to start really paying attention

-The rom-com parts was eye rolling for me


It took me a while to get into it, but once the story starts it is actually a pretty good story to follow and enjoy. It does have some good writing, and it was perfectly casted to make it work. Ryan Reynolds charm makes it perfect for what the film is trying to show, and blend it in with comedy and action, it all started to flow well. This may be the biggest surprise hit so far for this year. It was better than what I expected for sure!!!

Real Rating:

4 Albuquerque Boiled Turkeys

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