Sweet Girl

A man holding a weapon with cuts on his face walks alongside a young woman.

Sweet Girl had something going until the twist just lost everything it had!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Jason Momoa’s Man Cries

What I Like:

-The beginning to this story was very intriguing, especially when you have Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced showing some good chemistry

-The fights and action were pretty intense and gritty, just the way I like it

The So So:

-I really liked the idea of a story on the corruption on pharmaceuticals, but then it lost its focus when it became a story of survival, only to come back to it in the end, it did suffer from it’s uneveness

What I Didn’t Like:

-Without spoiling it, the twist just didn’t make any sense whatsoever, it made M. Night Shyalaman twists look like cinematic gold, it just lost its focus, and pretty much ruined what it had going


I love Jason Momoa, and his father/daughter relationship with Isabela Merced. I enjoyed the action and fights it brings. However, it all goes to crap with the twist and lost everything good it had going. I really wanted to see something, especially going against pharmaceuticals, but in the end, it all went away in a whimper!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Jason Momoa’s Man Cries

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