Reminiscence had a lot of potential, but it turned out to be a big slogfest!!!

Real Rating:

2 Hugh Jackman’s Voiceovers

What I Like:

-Honestly, the premise is what peaked my interest, a dystopian mystery featuring Hugh Jackman, it had potential to show why climate change is important showing the city of Miami looking like Venice, Italy, it showed a lot of promise

The So So:

-Hugh Jackman is great, but you can only take so much of hearing his soft spoken voiceovers which was practically the whole movie, didn’t know Hugh Jackman could put me to sleep

What I Didn’t Like:

-There may be something good hidden in there, but it was a major slogfest, it was so boring, luckily it was on HBO Max, so when I fell asleep, I could rewind in what I missed, it was that bad for me, the execution didn’t do justice to the story they were trying to tell


I love Hugh Jackman. He is a man of many talents. However, this one is not one of his memorable performances. I do believe the execution is what ruined everything. It was so slow from beginning to end that I didn’t care about the conclusion of the mystery. I kept falling asleep to the voice of Hugh Jackman. I guess I know what to do if I have insomnia, just watch this movie!!!

Real Rating:

2 Hugh Jackman’s Voiceovers

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