Candyman (2021 film).png

Candyman brings in the creepiness for sure, but I sort of wish the story gave me more of this legendary horror character!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Shadow Puppets

What I Like:

-For a horror pic, this brought out the creepiness, it didn’t rely on jump scares or scary figures to give us that horror experience, it just built tension which is enough to give what you are asking for
-I give credit to director Nia DaCosta for her cinematography and her way of making the legendary character creepy than scary

The So So:

-I do give credit to Jordan Peele and company in adding more depth to The Candyman legend, and giving undertones of racial tensions of the past and present, I just wish I would’ve seen more of Candyman instead of in flashes, see him in the flesh, but I understand why they did it that way

What I Didn’t Like:

-I wanted more gore, just didn’t really felt like a Candyman movie without some more blood splatter, and I wanted more Candyman action as well, it ended with me wanting more, maybe I need to summon him by myself (actually maybe not)


I will say it again, the story added more depth to the legend of Candyman and why he is more than just a horror figure. Director Nia DaCosta had a plan with this picture, and it worked. It ended with me wanting more of Candyman. I guess I actually wanted more gore in this film which is rare for me to say. Reagrdless, this is some creative storytelling that horror enthusiasts should enjoy, and the racial themes it brings out can make you think at the very least. That is where Jordan Peele excels in his film writing!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Shadow Puppets

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