A young girl pointing her fingers like a gun, and bruised and batter a woman holding up a gun with a silencer, and a serious looking bald man. At the bottom of the poster is the rear spoilers of a sports car.

If it wasn’t for the colorful, cool action scenes, Kate is one big pile of cliches!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Poisons

What I Like:

-The colorfulness of the scenes in Osaka, Japan was cool to watch during this whole ordeal
-The action and fight scenes is what makes this watchable at the very least

The So So:

-I know the story was written to explain, but for the two main leads to be American in Japan may put a bad taste in my mouth, and don’t get me wrong, the acting was good enough, but there is something that does seem off, and possibly wrong

What I Didn’t Like:

-You have seen all the action flicks in your life, and when you watch this one, it seems it has all all of those movies in this one, I just knew what was going to happen right from the beginning of the movie, it was that bad that I lost focus of watching film, and not caring what happens next, cuz I know what will happen and I was practically 95% correct


Simply put, if it wasn’t for the colorful and cool action scenes, this would’ve been more than forgettable. It is a film that makes sense to be on Netflix, and take what you can get. It is one wretched pile of tropes and cliches from any past action movie you’ve seen. Makes me wonder why Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson would take on this film. I don’t know, but it is a bleep in their otherwise stellar film careers!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Poisons

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