The Card Counter

The Card Counter (2021) film poster.jpg

The Card Counter is a twist of many different things, but Oscar Isaac’s acting is superb!!!

Real Rating:

4 Grey and Black Suits and Ties

What I Like:

-I really enjoyed Oscar Isaac in his role, the way he made himself into a mystery protagonist made it engaging to watch, you’re not sure what he is feeling, but when moments get fun it is, and when moments get tense, it can be scary
-The execution of themes between fun, to creepy, to downright scary really can take a toll on your emotions in a good way

The So So:

-The story can be all over the place, and I had a hard time seeing the main point, but with the execution of everything, it all flowed very well, and it kept you guessing on what will happen next
-The chemistry between Isaac and Tiffany Haddish is weird to watch, but it did have a genuine purpose of why things went the way it did
-The scenes where it became dark and creepy can take a toll on you emotionally, but they are quick and it is gone before you can process it

What I Didn’t Like:

-Some scenes can drag and can go on unnecessarily too long


What made this film great was Oscar Isaac’s acting. What made it interesting was the shifts in tone and themes that makes it engaging. It can drag at times, it can be fun at times, and at times, it can be disturbing. It is a film that can keep you guessing on what will happen. In this circumstance, it is the execution that made it unique to watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Grey and Black Suits and Ties