Cry Macho

The film's logo above Clint Eastwood in a cowboy hat and the tagline: "A story about being lost... and found."

Cry Macho isn’t quite as I expected, which is a good thing in my standpoint, but it is boring!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Roosters

What I Like:

-Not much really

The So So:

-The culture it tried to show in Mexico is somewhat positive, but it does focus a lot on the bad things and poverty, not sure what it is trying to prove, but in the end, it wasn’t effective enough
-The acting was decent, Eduardo Minett did a decent job, but at times he sounded way too spoiled, and Clint Eastwood is the best we got in his age which for some of you all that is a good thing

What I Didn’t Like:

-The pacing, the point of the story, the acting, it all really made the execution of everything really slow, I felt like I was riding through the desert with them and just want to fall asleep, it really was that boring


I’m not sure what was the point of all this. I don’t think they tried to show the country of Mexico in a positive light. Aside from that, it was way too slow. Having Clint Eastwood talk in all of this just doesn’t do anything to make it good. Maybe Eastwood is trying to rehash his old western cowboy movies days, but honestly, he just needs to leave it all behind and retire. Maybe that is a favor for all of us!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Roosters

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