Dear Evan Hansen

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The thought of Dear Evan Hansen is good, but I thought it went to soft on the real issues at hand which can upset people!!!

Real Rating:

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What I Like:

-The bigger coming of age story is nice to watch seeing the character Evan Hansen mature during his ordeal, at times, it can be relatable, the inevitable happens, but the right thing has been done

The So So:

-It does deal with issues on mental health and suicide, but the way it treated these issues seemed so lightly touched and safe, and that everything is going to be all right type of attitude, I know for that reason alone it will offend people who know or are struggling with mental health issues, and the fact that it wasn’t taken too seriously can be upsetting, I give credit for making awareness at the very least, but it is definitely not enough to make it powerful or life changing

What I Didn’t Like:

I didn’t really like the music, and the big reason why is because the cast that are singing, especially Ben Platt who plays Evan Hansen, doesn’t have a pleasant voice, every time he starts singing, it is like that annoying person who sings just to grab attention, it was that unpleasant


I believe the premise and themes were good, and it could’ve been something strong and powerful. Unfortunately, they just scratched the surface, and nonchalantly sing away all their mental health problems like that is reality. It’s not, and it can be offensive to the real people going through these things in real life. It could’ve been something better, or more real than playful as it was. Add to the fact, that this musical really didn’t have great songs either adds salt to the wounds of the viewers. At least the coming of age story is decent enough for people to relate and maybe feel good, but it doesn’t live up to the hype where it should’ve been!!!

Real Rating:

3 Instagram Posts

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