Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou (film).jpg

Blue Bayou is an emotional rollercoaster where the power comes from the story than the obvious theme!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Tattoos

What I Like:

-Other than the clear political message, I believe what makes this story powerful is the story and character development which makes it interesting and watch worthy, the way it unravels will tug on your emotional heartstrings and hopefully for the right reasons
-Justin Chon who not only wrote and directed it, he also starred in it, the way he immersed himself to the New Orleans cajun culture, he also brought this story to life and relate to him on all the things he is going through, it is a marvel to see him work
-I liked how they showed a new angle of the the culture of New Orleans, instead of showing the touristy side of it all, it just showed the realness of a blue collar worker living in the city

The So So:

-I know some will love the ending, while others will hate it, regardless, I thought the ending was as real as it could be with everything that happened throughout the film, though the last ten minutes can be tropey, the emotion can make the trope forgettable

What I Didn’t Like:

-There are some times where it slows down big time, it is minimal, but you can feel it


This can be a powerful movie, and the more that people watch it, the more awareness will rise. Forget about the politics, and just watch it for the story it is telling. It can speak volumes to what people are experiencing today. I give credit to Justin Chon for his hard work on it, and the passion he brings. I feel this is a true Oscar contender!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Tattoos

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