The Addams Family 2

The Addams Family 2 poster.png

The Addams Family 2 may give some chuckles, but overall, it is the same old same old!!!

Real Rating:

3 Songs Sung by Lurch

What I Like:

-Once again, great animation where the action scenes excel brilliantly for this type of film
-The voice cast was spot on once again including some newbies like Bill Hader and Wallace Shawn

The So So:

-It had some moments and jokes where I actually laughed, I give credit for the puns and the dark humor which is the schtick for an Addams Family movie, but some are complete misses as well, I would say about 50-50 where the jokes stick, but when it does, it’s gold

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is the same old Addams family trope that we all know, maybe fans will love it, but for it just got old, and the story became very predictable
-There were also moments that were too outrageous that didn’t quite make sense, yes it is a kids movie after all, but it has to have some logic, right?


You see one Addams Family movie or TV show, you practically seen them all. Only difference is that they slap on a road trip. I know fans will love and defend it, but for me, it is whatever. I give credit to the animation, voice acting, and some jokes, but the story is one big old Addams family trope. Once it ended, I pretty much just laid out a good Lurch grunt, and left the theater!!!

Real Rating:

3 Songs Sung by Lurch

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