The Last Duel

The Last Duel poster.jpg

The Last Duel storytelling wasn’t great, but the drama and action kept you engaged!!!

Real Rating:

4 Joust Matches

What I Like:

-It isn’t a Ridley Scott movie without some action, and you get to it early and at the end, the duel scene was fun and thrilling
-The drama of an accusation of rape kept it engaging, and seeing how it was handled can be either awed or cringy, regardless, you want to see what happens with the accusation and trial, it can be interesting and ridiculous at the same time

The So So:

-The execution of the story was the good old trope of telling three different viewpoints, it was fine and all, but it was a little choppy to begin with, but once it starts unraveling, it all makes sense in the end
-The acting was good, but it was weird for a film set in medieval France, that they were talking in British accents, even weirder that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon sounded more American, bottomline, it wasn’t authentic enough, but at least you get some great acting by Jodie Comer who plays Marguerite, the woman who was raped, her performance was riveting for sure

What I Didn’t Like:

-It can be really slow at times where you can lose focus, unfortunately, I was telling myself, get to the duel part, because it was making me impatient
-Ben Affleck’s hair in this role, what were they thinking


It is a good story once you piece it all together. I know for some, people will find it horrifying, but for others they can find it interesting and engaging, and maybe even both. With all that said, to me it showed how life was in medieval times, and how ridiculous and cruel people can be in handling certain things. The acting is weird and take some getting used to, but the overall drama is pretty good. What’s fun is the action we see, especially the duel which a lot of us are waiting for. It is good enough for everyone watching to enjoy!!!

Real Rating:

4 Joust Matches