Ron’s Gone Wrong (Sidenote: The Guilty)

Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) poster.jpg

Ron’s Gone Wrong is charming and witty, but for the story it brings, it’s just a little too late!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Friend Benches

What I Like:

-It is witty and charming, I mean, who is not going to like the B-bot, Ron, Zach Galifianakis voicing Ron is a real charming treat, and was really the stand out in this film
-The themes it brings is hugely relatable, and I hope pre-teens and teens and can learn something from it, and hopefully calm down when it comes to their electronics

The So So:

-The story is a good story, with all that said, an earlier movie called The Mitchells vs. The Machines did it first, and probably more effectively and fun with their story and message, their both fun, but with Ron’s Gone Wrong, it has become a trope now

What I Didn’t Like:

-I thought the whole thing about friendship just felt a little bit forced and weird, and even with Ron’s charm, it still feels awkward


It is a fun and charming movie, and I give most of the credit to Zach Galifianakis voicing the B-bot, Ron. He was perfect for the role of Ron, and really brought some great life into it. As for the overall message, since The Mitchells vs. The Machines went first with it, this movie was too late. With all that said, I believe pre-teens and teens, and maybe even some college aged students need to watch both films back to back. The message about technology and how people are obsessive towards it can really be a mind blowing lesson learner. At least that is my hope, but who knows!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Friend Benches

(Sidenote: The Guilty – If you love Jake Gyllenhaal, you’ll see a lot of him when watching this movie on Netflix. Most of the movie is him behind a computer screen with a headset, and occasionally yelling at it. With that said, this film has some powerful moments, and some really dark moments. What is genius of it, you only hear about these moments, and you’ll react the same way as Gyllenhaal’s character will react. It’s a good watch for sure!!!
Real Rating: 4 911 Dispatchers)

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