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Dune’s great cinematography and direction in action exceeds from the original movie, but the expositional storytelling just isn’t my cup of tea!!!

Real Rating:

4 Expositions on Spice

What I Like:

-The one thing that blew me away is the cinematography, it is shot amazingly and really pops out the special effects and the scenery in the background
-Speaking of special effects, it made the movie fun, especially the second half of this film, the designs of the planes (I know they are called differently, don’t come at me) is a marvel to see

The So So:

-The first half of the film full of exposition on top of exposition almost made me lost focus, and tell myself here we ago again with this boring sci-fi, but once it started to gain traction, I started to understand it more, and it really is an interesting story to understand
-The acting was lot better executed than the original, it wasn’t as awkward and weird, and excruciatingly hard to understand, this was fine, I don’t like the whispering parts, but I do like the sign language part, and it does add better depth to the character development, though it is still weird on how some characters talk, but whatever

What I Didn’t Like:

-I didn’t know that this was a two part movie series, so I thought the ending was horrific, that it didn’t solve anything, but when I found out there is one more movie planned, I understood, but still, they need to tell me these things


This is lightyears beyond measure a better Dune film than the original. I didn’t read the book, but I believe it does the book justice this time. Director Denis Villeneuve really did care about this story, and really showed it as how it was suppose to look. Yes the exposition was too much, but once it starts unraveling, it became fun. I believe the second part to this movie will be something great, and I’m kind of on board. Just please no more boring expositions!!!

Real Rating:

4 Expositions on Spice

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