The French Dispatch

"Theatrical release poster": A group of about 50 people.

With The French Dispatch, once you get used to the Wes Andersonnes of his film making, it is actually very amusing and fun to watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Stories

What I Like:

-I enjoyed the different stories it brought out, it was amusing and fun to watch these stories come to life, plus the star cast really brings it home for some these stories and the lives of journalists in general

The So So:

-Wes Anderson is an acquired taste in his movies, and this one is no different, but for this one, the cinematography and set designs were top notch, however, the storytelling in a different form can be a little confusing, it will take some time to get use to what is going on, but once you do, you can enjoy what the film brings

What I Didn’t Like:

-Like any Wes Anderson film, it can drag at times, no matter how beautiful are the visuals, your patience can be wearing thin to understand the main point if it all


I actually enjoyed this Wes Anderson film. It is unique, amusing, and fun. You just have to get use to all the Wes Andersonness of his film making. Once you do, you are in for a treat with the different stories, and the fine acting of it all. What else can I say? You know what you are getting yourself into once you know who directs it!!!

Real Rating:

4 Stories

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