Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho (2020) teaser poster.jpg

Last Night in Soho is beautifully shot, but once the story got going, the horror of it all turns out to be cliched!!!

Real Rating:

4 Mirrors

What I Like:

-Director Edgar Wright created, shot, and executed a cinematographic masterpiece, the use of light, color, and a views of Soho of today and the 60s, was awesome to see
-Add to the fact the great blend of classic 60s music really added an authentic touch
-The acting was really good, both Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy really gave strong and effective performances in their roles

The So So:

-The story did keep me engaged from beginning to end, with that said, once the story starts to unravel, there were some moments that were weird, which probably was the intention, but also some parts that doesn’t make sense, without spoiling it, the twist wasn’t that effective to really surprise you

What I Didn’t Like:

-Edgar Wright tried to do horror, but the reliance on jump scares and creepy beings really made it a horror cliche, I believe this story could’ve been more effective and unique without those types of horror movie cliches


Watch this for the art of cinematography from Edgar Wright. He really knows how to make a shot stand out in the most beautiful way. Add to the fact the acting and the musical blend makes it a worthwhile watch. As for the horror aspect, I believe if they made it more psychological creepiness instead of the horror cliches and tropes, it would’ve been a lot more effective film. Regardless, it is still a good watch, especially for Edgar Wright fans!!!

Real Rating:

4 Mirrors

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