Tick, Tick… Boom!

A young man sits at a piano with a spotlight shining on him

Tick, Tick… Boom! had some fine acting in Andrew Garfield’s part, even though it was interesting at first, it sort of fell flat for me in the end!!!

Real Rating:

3 Show Tunes

What I Like:

-Andrew Garfield was fine playing music theater writer, Jonathan Larson, I didn’t know he could sing, but not only did he nailed that, but really immersed himself into his character and captured Larson’s essence
-I thought Lin-Manuel Miranda as the director was decent, he really did make a film but a stage set as well which worked pretty well for this type of film

The So So:

-It started out interesting, seeing how a musical show gets started and put into form, but after a while, I started losing focus, and probably because musicals are not my thing

What I Didn’t Like:

-This musical is also a biopic on how Jonathan Larson got started in the business, but it is pretty formulaic, not that inspiring for me, and overall not interesting enough, I was more interested in his friends’ story more than him


I’m not a musical guy. Let alone, I haven’t seen Rent. For me to like a musical, it has to grasp my attention fully. Unfortunately, this musical film didn’t really do it for me. I respect what Andrew Garfield has done, and also the direction of Lin-Manuel Miranda. However, the story just wasn’t interesting enough for me. With that said, I believe fans of musicals and this one in particular may enjoy it a lot more than me. Bottomline, it is not my cup of tea!!!

Real Rating:

3 Show Tunes

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