8-Bit Christmas (Sidenote: Pig)

A pile of people form the shape of a Christmas tree.

8-Bit Christmas may seem childish at times, but the real message is what’s special here that can remind you of the holiday classics!!!

Real Rating:

4 8-Bit Systems

What I Like:

-Everything was charming and heartfelt, from the story, to the actors, to the 80’s setting, all being that Nintendo was my first video game system, I could strongly relate to, and even laugh
-With all the adventure it has about one goal, the Nintendo, the real message in the end was what made it special, and remind you of the classic Christmas movies from before

The So So:

-David Cross as a inspirational person is as weird as it sounds, especially with what his character is in this film

What I DIdn’t Like:

-It is childish with a lot of their humor, not excruciatingly bad, but bad enough


I thought was not going to like this film. Not even a big fan of holiday films. However, it did have relatable content that really made me enjoy it. It reminded me of the holiday classics like Home Alone and A Christmas Story. So I can honestly say, this represented my childhood in good ways. Once you get passed the childish humor, you find it charming and even inspirational. I’m glad that I watched this film, and you all should to with the family!!!

Real Rating:

4 8-Bit Systems

Pig poster.jpeg

(Sidenote: Pig – Start off by saying this is the best acting Nicolas Cage has done for the longest time. As for the film, it was not what I was expecting, but it is interesting. I don’t like when indie films don’t explain too much, but the emotion of everything is there. Just wish I could understand it a lot better!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Truffles)

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