House of Gucci

House of Gucci may have some cringy acting, but Ridley Scotts’ directing makes it entertaining enough!!!

Real Rating:

4 Gucci Loafers

What I Like:

-They did promote the clothing line Gucci big time, I actually wanted some Gucci shoes after watching the movie

The So So:

-There was some great acting, like Lady Gaga and Al Pacino, some so so acting with Americans or British people playing Italians like Jeremy Irons and Adam Driver, and there were some cringy ones like Jared Leto
-The story is a paint by the numbers biopic of sorts, but Ridley Scott’s direction kept it engaging and intriguing to watch from beginning to end

What I Didn’t Like:

-The makeup on Jared Leto was bad, it was very distracting as well


It is an interesting story on how the Gucci family came to be, and how a family can really doom themselves. The direction of Ridley Scott made it engaging, and showing what Scott does best. Some of the acting was good, but also cringy. I’m sure the Italians will not love this at all. Regardless it is an entertaining film, and makes you want to buy some Gucci loafers for sure!!!

Real Rating:

4 Gucci Loafers

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