Encanto poster.jpg

Encanto does somewhat deviate from the Disney formulas to make a different but very cultural and fun story to see!!!

Real Rating:

4 Casitas

What I Like:

-The culture, Disney goes through a Colombian culture that is genuine and authentic, the characters are fun, and it has major diversity which is a plus
-What added to the diversity is the music which Lin-Manuel Miranda produced, it was fun and vibrant and emotionally good as well
-It goes without saying, the animation is great as well
-The great voice cast adds more to the authenticity as well, I mean, who knew Stephanie Beatriz and John Leguizamo could sing

The So So:

-What I do give it credit for is that for a Disney movie, it deviated from its formula, without spoiling it you have to see what I mean, however, and some parts of the story were still tropes, but not the major tropes that Disney does, but enjoyed the aspects of family and the pressures it come with it

What I Didn’t Like:

-It didn’t had the major adventure aspect which I expected and missed


I loved for the culture and diversity. I may not be Colombian, but I appreciated the authenticity of a new culture it brings. The voice cast and music definitely brings out more of that culture. It does deviate from the Disney formula which is a good thing, but it did lack aspects which I expected and missed. Regardless, a great message about family is always huge in any Latin culture, and for that I will always appreciate it!!!

Real Rating:

4 Casitas

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