The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog (film).jpg

The Power of the Dog would’ve been so much better if the pacing wasn’t so slow, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting can’t be ignored!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Lassos

What I Like:

-Benedict Cumberbatch as a wealthy rancher named Phil, was interesting to watch, he was an arrogant jerk, but it was fun to watch him be a jerk, the other acting was fine as well seeing people become Cowboys
-There was something about the music that made it fun to watch as well

The So So:

-The story is very interesting, but the slow burn does peak your patience, the ending does make the story interesting, but it took a while to get there for sure

What I Didn’t Like:

-It was a slogfest, I fell asleep while watching this and I wasn’t tired, it had me asking, “get to the point,” and when it finally got there, I lost interest, cowboys shouldn’t be that boring


The good story twist and fine acting made watchable, but the slow and steady slogfest had me falling asleep. If you want to see Benedict Cumberbatch as a jerk, this is the film. Who knows if this will
generate Oscar buzz, but if it does, I will going against it.

Real Rating:

2.5 Lassos

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