West Side Story (Sidenote: Bruised)

West Side Story 2021 Official Poster.jpg

West Side Story is everything you need in this classic, and, dare I say, it may be better than the original!!!

4.5 Sharks

What I Like:

-The original West Side Story is a classic, but I felt the story was more compelling and effective with their themes, I felt it more as a gang movie and felt the stakes were really high and raw with emotion
-The music and dance sequences to the classic songs were great, but the dancing did blow me away, especially during the school dance, it was riveting to watch
-The acting was great for the most part, but Rita Moreno is still a treasure to watch in her new role in this version of West Side Story
-Bottomline, Steven Spielberg created another classic, basing it off a classic, now that is hard to do, but the set designs, to the cinematography, and the choreography, it just all flowed well

The So So:

-Even though all the songs are great, I felt some of the songs were a little out of place, one big example is having the song, “I Feel Pretty,” after the rumble scene was very out of place

What I Didn’t Like:

– I still don’t like the love story aspect of it, it still seems dumb and unrealistic, and making it the focal point of the story just makes it even more dumber in my opinion


Steven Spielberg put some passion in this remake of a classic musical film. If there was a film that needed a remake, it was West Side Story, and Spielberg fine tuned a lot of things and made a movie about two gangs less playful and more real. Dealing with the problem in New York in the 60’s like racism and gentrification, it dealt with a lot of raw emotion. The songs are still the same, but the new dances and skits was more awesome than ever. The acting and singing was good for the most part as well, and better representation as well. I hate the romance story which felt really forced, but if you forget that and just watch the movie for what it brings, you will not be disappointed. I will ask again, dare I say, this film is better than the original? I may think so!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Sharks

Bruised film.jpg

(Sidenote: Bruised – This directorial debut of Halle Berry and she also starred in it as a washed up Mix Martial Arts fighter. This is a dark story that involves abuse, alcoholism, and seeing families affected by these things. The first two thirds of the movies is interesting, but the last third of it was that good old cliched sports film. I am a sucker for these films, but this kind of reminds me of a Rocky wannabe!!!
Real Rating: 3 MMA Gloves)

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