Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home poster.jpg

Spider-Man: No Way Home is everything you want in a Spider-Man film, despite the little bumps on the road, it is an awesome watch!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Dr. Strange Portals

What I Like:

-I will be honest, it is hard to talk about this films without spoilers, so you all have to take my word and believe me when I say it is awesome

The So So:

-There were some parts in the stories where it doesn’t make too much sense for me, but I can’t give you specifics without spoilers, with that said, in the end, who cares, the film just keeps running and running with great stuff

What I Didn’t Like:

-The fact that Sony stills owns the film rights to Spider-Man, freaking Sony


If you are a Spider-Man fan of any kind, you will love this film. It has everything you need in a Spider-Man film. The MCU has done it again, but this time made an absolutely great Spider-Man film. Unlike those terrible Venom films from Sony, this one has a lot more heart. I’m excited to see the future of not only Spider-Man, but the MCU in general. As we are looking forward to it, this film definitely tops my favorite film of 2021 hands down!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Dr. Strange Portals

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