Don’t Look Up

Don't Look Up 2021 film.jpg

Don’t Look Up is a satire I completely understood, which is funny and depressing at the same time!!!

Real Rating:

4 Comets

What I Like:

-The satire was great, the writing and dialogue was the best that Adam McKay can offer and we can learn
-The acting was authentic, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence were great as scientist trying to convince everyone that the world is going to end, everyone on this movie played their roles very well

The So So:

-As great the satire story, dialogue, comedy, and acting was it is also depressing, reason is because I do believe that is where our world is right now, bottomline, people are either idiots or greedy, if not both, also how selfish people really are which does make you believe we are doomed

What I Didn’t Like:

-As heavy handed it is (though I agree with most), it can be too ridiculous even for satire


I really did enjoy the satire of director and writer Adam McKay is trying to say. It was funny and entertaining for sure. At the same time, it is also depressing because I do believe that is our world right now. You would think this film can inspire, but reality is, it won’t. With all that said, I appreciate for what this film is really trying to say!!!

Real Rating:

4 Comets

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