Sing 2 (Sidenote: The Harder They Fall)

Sing 2 poster.jpg

Sing 2 had nice songs to enjoy, but the story was just way too out of control!!!

Real Rating:

3 Performances

What I Like:

-You really watch this films for the music performances, and that is what you get, you can sit back an enjoy these performances

The So So:

-You have all these characters you enjoyed from the last movie, but with the development with these characters it seemed to be forced to perform in a Las Vegas like city, but I did enjoy some of their challenges they have to endure to be great performers

What I Didn’t Like:

-The rest of the story, especially in the third just got way too out of control, it just seemed dumb and juvenile, and just added tension which wasn’t really necessary and eye rollingly bad


As I said before, you go for the musical performances which were enjoyable. The story is greatly disappointing, and you can endure it as an adult. I do enjoy these characters from the first movie, but the stakes in the first movie seemed more genuine than the stakes in this film. Regardless, I found the music relaxing and enjoyable, and that is really the man point of it all!!!

Real Rating:

3 Performances

"Promotional release poster": The silhouettes of a group of four people wearing Western-style clothing. Above their heads, to the top right corner of the poster, is the title in a yellow font: "The Harder They Fall".

(Sidenote: The Harder They Fall – I cowboy movie starring an all black cast. With that said, I found it entertaining, fun, and humorous. It did take a page from Quinton Tarantino’s book with dialogue and what not. I enjoyed it watching on Netflix, and highly recommend it!!!
Real Rating: 4 Gunshots)

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