Being the Ricardos

Being the Ricardos.jpeg

Being the Ricardos is an excellent take on this classic show, and I give most of the credit to Aaron Sorkin!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Script Readings

What I Like:

-Aaron Sorkin has done it again, this time showing the ins and outs of this classic tv show and how it wasn’t all cheery, Sorkin is the king of arguments in his writing, and with this film, it is no different, and his direction was pretty good as well
-I did like the stories of how Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz met, and how the show got started, it was interesting
-I thought Nicole Kidman was fine as the famous Lucille Ball, she looked the part, and we do see a side of her we don’t normally see, and why she is a genius in her craft because of her vulnerability, J.K. Simmons as William Frawley and Nina Arianda as Vivian Vance were great as well

The So So:

-The way it was executed may seem all over the place with their timeline because of lack of transitions, but once you get over that, you see the purpose of it all, and why that week of recording was so crucial for everyone, and yet it created the big moments

What I Didn’t Like:

-I did not think Javier Bardem was a good Desi Arnaz, don’t get me wrong he was great in his own right, but Bardem didn’t look or sound like the famous Ricky Ricardo, it was just off


Aaron Sorkin created another classic with real people with his writing, and even his direction. It was perfect for show business during that time. The acting was great from top to bottom, even though Javier Bardem didn’t look like the role. With all that said, this proves that Aaron Sorkin is a great screenwriter, and a good filmmaker which I always will look forward to when he is on board!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Script Readings

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