The 355

A poster featuring five women standing in front of a wall covered with country flags of the world. Below them is the following text: "From the producers that brought you Jason Bourne", "The 355", "Work Together or Die Alone", "In theaters January 7".

The 355 premise may seem great, but it is still a cliched action flick!!!

Real Rating:

3 Government Agencies

What I Like:

-I was intrigued to see an action movie with a stellar all women cast, the acting and fights didn’t bore me at the very least

The So So:

-I love a good action movie as any of us do, however, other than an all lead women cast, it really didn’t add nothing new to the table, if you see one action flick, you seen them all, at least it wasn’t boring

What I Didn’t Like:

-The tropes for this action flick made it very predictable, you can practically predict the story right after the first act


I was hoping this film will bring something new, especially with a premise that made it seem something new. Unfortunately, it is an action film that is way too familiar that loses it thrillingness. It wasn’t boring which I do give it credit for, but you can’t shake off the tropes that makes this predictable!!!

Real Rating:

3 Government Agencies