The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (Sidenote: Cherry)

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.jpg

It is an uninspired attempt to revive the franchise that once was awesome until it got old!!!

Real Rating:

2 Possums

What I Like:

-The fact that it was on Disney+ and not waste my time going to a theater to watch it

The So So:

-It did do its best to keep the essence and lore of the past films, but it really wasn’t enough to keep my attention

What I Didn’t Like:

-It was uninspired for many reasons: 1) Story was way too cliched, 2) The animation looked terrible and completely under budget, and 3) When you don’t have the original voice actors for the characters, it is a red flag into why not, and you can tell it’s other people voicing these characters


It was a pathetic attempt to try to revive this franchise. Everything just seemed off and out of whack. The story, animation, and voice acting just lacked a lot of inspiration. You would think with all the time they had, they could at least make something really good. In the end, it all just falls flat!!!

Real Rating:

2 Possums

Cherry 2021 poster.jpg

(Sidenote: Cherry – Well, this put Tom Holland in a role that is very, very dark. With that said, I thought he handled it very well. The only thing is that the tone of it all felt unorganized, and doesn’t flow all too well. The themes can be good and interesting, but it is all over the place to really dwell on it all. Still an interesting watch nonetheless!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Relapses)

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